Dance Styles

Jazz: The emphasis in jazz is on strength and flexibility developed through technically challenging movements such as kicks, leaps and turns. Jazz dancing is very high energy, fun and expressively influenced form of dance. Jazz is an ever evolving style full of rhythm, passion and energy. Classes can be powerful and percussive or expressive and lyrical

Tap: Classes incorporate both fast and slow rhythmical tap combinations. Tap focuses on rhythms and intricate footwork, creating percussion instrument out of the dancer’s feet. We follow the LGTDA Syllabus, which is a new and funky way to tap unique to Australia. Students will learn from highly qualified teachers and sit for their exams in their class environment.

Ballet: Our ballet program follows the British Ballet Organization (B.B.O.) syllabus. Ballet is a very technical and disciplined style of dance. The movements are very precise and develop balance, strength and poise. Examinations are optional but our success rate is 100% and your child will gain confidence with each successful level achieved. Pointe lessons are offered in our Advanced Ballet classes.



Hip Hop: One of the newest and most up and coming forms of dance. Hip hop combines the latest styles of street and break dancing. Students are encouraged to develop their own style and Hip Hop feel. Hip hop generally involves a high energy class that uses the latest sounds in rap, R&B and pop music together with moves influenced by some of today’s hottest choreographers.

Cheerleading: Cheer is one of the fastest growing sports for children in Australia. It is a performance based sport that combines elements of dance, gymnastics and acrobatics. A cheer routine incorporates dance, jumps, tumbling, stunts, pyramids and basket tosses that are performed together to produce a highly spectacular and energetic routine. Cheerleading is the ultimate team sport, as it relies heavily on every member of the team to be successful. Resulting in developed confidence, coordination, trust and team work.

Contemporary: Contemporary dance incorporates elements of both classical ballet and modern dance. This amalgam of dance movement coupled with abstract expression includes strength and a high level of technique.

Irish: Irish dancing is a fantastic way to keep fit. It is aerobic, strengthens technique, teaches great posture and helps to build great core muscles and strong legs. This traditional dance style originated in Ireland but is now popular globally.

Stretch & Conditioning: This class concentrates on stretching and strengthening principles for dancers who would like to increase their range of motion and their cardiovascular fitness. The class focuses on cardiovascular exercises to warm up the muscles then works on specific stretches to increase flexibility for movements required in dance and incorporates strength training movements to develop a stronger, less injury prone dancer.

Performance troupe: For students who love to perform and is for selected students only. Students are taught routines for the purpose of entering eisteddfods as well as performing in local community events. This class has a strong emphasis on team spirit and dedication. Students must have enthusiasm, dedication and a love of dance.

Adult classes: Our adult classes cater for women and men who are looking for some fun. The adults are one of the most popular groups at the concert (participation isn’t compulsory) and always receive incredible support from the audience and students.

Private lessons: Private lessons are usually arranged by parents for their children who wish to participate in competitions as a soloist or as part of a duo. Private lessons can be arranged for all styles of dance. They may also be beneficial for students who feel they need that extra bit of training in something specific or those whose schedules don’t suit the current studio schedule.

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